Tallulah on Thames is officially closed in Newport, Rhode Island

It is bittersweet, and has been a whisper each year for the past few amongst our team. We knew the day would come when we would have to close her doors, and in the spring of 2017, sadly, we will not be re-opening.

We want to thank all our team members past and present that contributed to making Tallulah on Thames what it is. You expedited your dedication, passion, knowledge, and appreciation of Tallulah every evening with the utmost care and respect. Words cannot express how much we already miss you and are grateful.
A “bow” to you all in creating the “dance” with us at Tallulah

To our amazing regulars, friends & family, supporters, and guests that we had the pleasure of serving. You will be missed, remembered and we feel extremely grateful for you. Thank you for blessing us with your patronage, loyalty, respect, and generosity. We are forever grateful.

We hope to see you all at our sister locations (tallulah’s taqueria in providence, the shack at dutch harbor in Jamestown, and various farmers markets throughout rhode island)

Cheers | Thank you | Peace

“vivir para cocinar” … “cocinar para vivir”

“the heartbeat of a restaurant is the unspoken dance amongst the team,
the rest is earned in knowledge, passion, & technique.
the magic is the “aha” moment when all are in sync”
kelly ann

tallulah on thames
newport | rhode island
3.12.10 – 9.3.16